An-yŏng-ha-se-yo., Hello,

The Korean American Pioneer Council is a non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of preserving the legacy, record, and promoting the education, understanding and appreciation of the experience and history of the Pioneer Generation of the Korean American community. The organization recognizes the Korean Heritage Library of the University of Southern California as one of the primary repository for the organized record of the Pioneer generation.

Our vision is to use funding obtained through your generous support to develop and complete our KAPC website and begin production of the Korean American Pioneers documentary, which is in early planning and when funded, will be produced by 3388 Films.  Under the guidance of Dr. Moohay Choe, KAPC will continue to provide limited support to Korean Americans for use in advancing their college education. We do this with your help so that future generation will have a sense purpose of where they came from, and to be able to use their Korean heritage of the past as an advantage to help take themselves even further in the future with even more blessings then the early Korean American Pioneer Generations could ever imagine but deeply hope for a better tomorrow for all generations to come.

Today, these stories live on through our elders, and through the University of Southern California Korean Heritage Library. Please join us and be apart of helping us leave the Korean American Pioneer Heritage Legacy for our Next Generation of Korean Americans, its been said that the saddest day is when a future generation no longer identifies themselves with their Korean American Heritage and past, and the world forgets that the once upon a time Korean American Pioneers existed and made a global difference through their contributions.

Help sustain us on our KAPC journey of preserving our heritage for the next generations through a monetary contribution(s) to support KAPC mission and vision.  (Private Sustaining Levels, and Corporate Levels are available by inquire through Life Point Wealth Management, Torrance, CA).   Come out to join us June 2, 2018 at our annual KAPC Picnic at Griffith Park, Crystal Springs Picnic Area, everyone interested in Korean American culture is welcome.

Thank you/Respectfully,

Alex S. Chang, MBA

President and Chair KAPC


1655 Rotary Drive, Los Angeles, California 90026-1215
Email: [email protected]
KAPC is a Non-Profit Organization under IRC Section 501 (c) (3)
(Your contributions are tax deductible)